{* * $Revision: 15506 $ * If you want to customize this file, do not edit it directly since future upgrades * may overwrite it. Instead, copy it into a new directory called "local" and edit that * version. Gallery will look for that file first and use it if it exists. *} {* Let Gallery print out anything it wants to put into the element *} {g->head} {if $theme.pageType == 'album' || $theme.pageType == 'photo'} {/if} {if $theme.pageType != 'admin'} {/if} {* If Gallery doesn't provide a header, we use the album/photo title (or filename) *} {if empty($head.title)} {$theme.item.title|default:$theme.item.pathComponent|markup:strip} {/if} {* Include this theme's style sheet *} {if !empty($jsWarning)} {include file="gallery:modules/core/templates/JavaScriptWarning.tpl" l10Domain="modules_core"} {/if}
mainDivAttributes}> {* * Some module views (eg slideshow) want the full screen. So for those, we don't draw * a header, footer, navbar, etc. Those views are responsible for drawing everything. *} {if $theme.useFullScreen} {include file="gallery:`$theme.moduleTemplate`" l10Domain=$theme.moduleL10Domain} {elseif $theme.pageType == 'progressbar'}
{if !empty($theme.params.logoImageLocation)} {else} {/if}
{g->theme include="progressbar.tpl"} {else}
{if !empty($theme.params.logoImageLocation)} {else} {/if} {g->theme include="ads.tpl"}
{g->block type="core.BreadCrumb" separator="»"}
{* Include the appropriate content type for the page we want to draw. *} {if $theme.pageType == 'album'} {g->theme include="album.tpl"} {elseif $theme.pageType == 'photo'} {g->theme include="photo.tpl"} {elseif $theme.pageType == 'admin'} {g->theme include="admin.tpl"} {elseif $theme.pageType == 'module'} {g->theme include="module.tpl"} {/if}
{g->logoButton type="validation"} {g->logoButton type="gallery2"} {g->logoButton type="gallery2-version"} {g->logoButton type="donate"} {strip} {if !empty($theme.params.copyright)} {$theme.params.copyright} {/if} {/strip} {g->block type="core.GuestPreview"}
{/if} {* end of full screen check *}
{* * Give Gallery a chance to output any cleanup code, like javascript that needs to be run * at the end of the tag. If you take this out, some code won't work properly. *} {g->trailer} {* Put any debugging output here, if debugging is enabled *} {g->debug}